The following are testimonials from Design Department, Inc. (DDI) customers as well as colleagues. These are all real testimonials and if we were ever asked, we could produce the original emails. We have permission from each author to publish their testimonials on our website. To maintain some level of confidentiality, we have chosen to publish only the author’s initials/first name, basic title, and professional industry.

“As both a colleague and a business partner, Pat Tetzlaff solved a number of very difficult engineering problems and delivered successful products to the market. He excels in solving problems that require solutions that cross domains from mechanical and electrical engineering to manufacturing and marketing. Pat's career experience allows him to work at every level to successfully deliver an integrated product from initial specification development to final validated industrialized designs. Most importantly, Pat balances business reality with pragmatic design. He will not deliver something unless he knows it can be done and respect the constraints that he is given.”

P.L. – Engineering Manager, Motorized Recreational Products Industry

"I have been developing new products for over 25 years and have been working with Design Department Inc. for the past 10 years. Throughout that time, I have always been pleased with the results I received. The designs met the mark and were completed on time and on budget, typically faster and less expensive than the closest competitor. I will continue to use Design Department Inc. as a great design and engineering resource."

P.V. – Medical Industry Professional

“I’ve worked with DDI since day one. I consider DDI my Design Department down the hall. Their design and product development work is exceptional. I have yet to encounter a design problem that DDI couldn’t solve in a professional, creative, resourceful, and timely manner.”

S.G. – Principal Engineer, Medical Industry

“Over the past 3+ years, DDI has become my go to resource for everything mechanical design related. They offer cost effective, practical solutions to challenging problems. With DDI, I get everything I need for concept design, IP research, subsystem design/redesign, resolution to elusive field complaints, ground-up design of complex electromechanical devices, and everything in between. Several members of the DDI team have become an indispensable extension of my internal team.”

E.H. – Medical Industry Professional

"Design Department is a go-to resource for any of our engineering and product development needs. Their wide array of experience and skills has been of significant value for several of our recent projects."

Rob W. – Medical Industry, Project Manager

"Design Department was easy to work with. We appreciated their consistent communication throughout the project. We found Design Department to be technically sound and creative in finding solutions."

Matt Y. – Defense Industry, Principal Research Scientist

"I have worked with DDI now for two years and have been nothing but happy with the work and product I've received. No matter how simple or complex the project - or tight the timeline I've approached them with, the results have been both spot-on and on-time. Not only are Brian and Pat highly talented themselves, they have a seemingly endless network of specialty partners to reach out to when the need arises. I will be using DDI again and always recommend them to colleagues when they are in need of design work."

Noah M. – Medical Industry, Project Manager

"We have been working with DDI for several years. DDI has been clever with their solutions and resourceful with time and budgets. They have helped us with broad range of projects from basic detailing to large conceptual projects that required market understanding leading to design and prototype realization. DDI has been flexible and actively listens throughout the project. DDI has been a seamless addition to our Engineering Department."

Tony S. – Recreational Products Industry, Director

"I am consistently impressed with DDI’s mastery of a wide array of mechanical engineering and CAD design techniques. DDI has become a critical partner for us at nearly every level of product design from brainstorming concepts, CAD modeling and prototyping to material testing, part analysis and often participate in identifying solutions to manufacturing issues. I find that customer service is unmatched at DDI. Brian and Pat are diligent in meeting our tight deadlines and budget constraints while remaining flexible to changes and focused on the end goal – true professionals!"

Cheryl B. – Medical Industry, Project Manager

"DDI has every time risen to the need, and has far outperformed every other contract group we used. We absolutely trust them to have our back."

Erik B. – Recreational Products Legend