What We Do

Since 2004, Design Department, Inc. has been specializing in the development of new products for clients as well as providing exceptional customer service and high-quality prototypes. We take pride in the work we do and, with our professional engineers and designers, we guarantee we’ll meet your exact specifications, if not, exceed your expectations. We will assist you with Product Conceptualization and Development, Existing Product Enhancement, Computer Aided Design Services, and Product Prototypes.

Product Conceptualization and Development

Design Department, Inc. (DDI) specializes in the development of concepts and prototypes for consumer driven products. Our engineers and designers consider all stages of product development from the initial brainstorming to the final stages of prototyping and mass production.

Additionally, DDI is a reliable resource when engineers and developers within your company require assistance troubleshooting or refining product requirements. Our experienced team determines existing or potential design flaws, and provides a second set of eyes. We will help remove these roadblocks and find solutions to make your product concepts functional and prepped for production. No matter how difficult the challenge, our team will overcome any issues your company's products may be facing.

Existing Product Enhancement

Design Department clients rely on the experience and ingenuity of our team to make improvements and enhancements for products already on the market. This process may be used to reduce costs by suggesting the use of new materials, removal of inefficient parts or features, reducing bulky weights or sizes, or simply streamlining the process of production to keep products up-to-date and viable. Regularly improving the versatility and quality of your established products and production processes with our proven product enhancement techniques is our goal at DDI. These time or cost saving measures will result in direct improvement to your production efficiency and profitability.

Computer Aided Design Services

Our designers take ownership in their work and concepts making sure appearance and functionality go hand in hand. Product design and CAD concepts are expertly mapped out using Pro-Engineer and SolidWorks programs. DDI staff are trained in the latest versions of these programs complimented by well maintained and updated design and prototype production equipment. With our mechanical focus, you can be assured our team has the experience to use these tools correctly with a critical eye on all details from the start.

Product Prototypes

All product concepts designed by our team have a focus on mechanical engineering providing assurance that it will work efficiently and be functionally sound. DDI artistically designs products that are grounded in reality. Products are produced to be aesthetically pleasing, but, more importantly, they will perform optimally. Our prototypes are not simply “desk trophies” with a slick appearance. All prototypes are designed to be Possible and Practical when brought to production and distributed to consumers.

Prototype designs are brought to the “proof of concept” stage as a functioning sample. These robust product prototypes allow for testing, concept and design improvements, examination of durability, and assessment of all critical aspects of the product (ie: battery life, product variables, overall performance, environmentally friendly, etc.). Our diligent prototyping standards help prepare a product for production with minimal retooling down the line.

If your company is in search of a prime prototype, with little to no need for modifications, partner with Design Department. Following your exact request, our engineers and designers will develop the product that your company needs to give you the recognition that you and your company deserve. Contact us today to have your vision brought to life.

iDOCK display concept drawingiDOCK display prototypeiDOCK display final product