The Design Process

Product Prototypes from Design Department

If you are familiar with the design process, you know that there are several steps to get to a final, workable product. While Design Department specializes in complex design mechanics with an engineering focus compared to somewhat basic product designs, our process is comparable to product development industry standards. 

Step 1: Develop Concepts
Our team assess the overall needs of product development for every project taking into account all stages; from initial brainstorming sessions to final product creation.

Step 2: Product Design Proposals
This stage often includes the presentation of potential product updates/enhancements, sampling of new materials, assessment of cost reduction, removal of unnecessary features, and cleanup/streamlining of the proposed product before proceeding to production.

Step 3: Performed Engineering Analysis
This step features Computer Aided Design (CAD) services as our team begins to map out exactly how the product development process will proceed in order to make your ideas come to fruition. Our designers and engineers are trained in the latest CAD programs and focus on the mechanical workings of a product.

Prototype Design Concepts using CAD

Step 4: Prototyping
All concepts designed by our team have a functional prototype created to ensure that our designs are:

  • Based on reality
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Will perform up to necessary requirements and expectations

Our prototypes aren't just for looks. While DDI prototypes are aesthetically pleasing, they are also designed to be “Possible & Probable”. Our prototypes are designed to work as “functioning samples” making it easier for our clients to determine the need for updates and changes before reaching the final production stage.

Step 5: Testing
Each working prototype is throughly assessed and tested for critical components (battery life, environmental considerations, performance, etc.) These tests also allow for required improvements to be implemented prior to final production.

If your company is in need of prototype creation services or full product design, please contact us today! We look forward to helping your company and products get the attention and recognition they deserve.

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