CAD Designs and Prototyping

Design Department CAD Drawing

CAD, or Computer Aided Design, is a process that allows for the design and creation of digital 2D and 3D models. This system provides a platform to determine how a product will look and function prior to manufacturing. CAD also allows for easy adjustments and design modifications saving time and production costs.

One of the benefits of using CAD software to design prototypes, as stated above, is to visualize how a product will look without spending excessive time and money on manufacturing before it is ready for full production. You can freely rotate designs 360 degrees and can even render them to match how the product will look once produced. The ease in which CAD designs can be shared makes for a more streamlined review and feedback process as well.

The exact measurements used in CAD designs allow for higher quality prototypes that meet desired specifications. This also allows for errors to be corrected before the prototype is manufactured. Many CAD programs will allow for virtual testing of various stresses such as thermal resistance, part fatigue, and motion of the prototype providing a good idea on how parts will behave before they are manufactured.

The high level of detail used in CAD designs is helpful in not only rendering a higher quality prototype, but also allowing for ease of interpreting the design. Since CAD drawings and models are well organized, the design is much more legible allowing for components and parts to be pinpointed quickly.

A CAD design usually starts as a concept sketch. After the concept sketch is finalized, a designer will begin to construct the part(s) in a CAD program, making modifications as needed based on feedback and stress factors. Once a CAD design has been finalized, it can be used to produce the physical prototype in multiple ways. Parts can be 3D printed, or the design can be inputted into an auto-lathe to mill the needed parts. After that, the product can be assembled according to the CAD drawing schematics.

Design Department makes use of CAD in our prototyping process. We use CAD software, as well as other methods to deliver the prototypes that our clients need!

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